Skywhale is and was my senior thesis work for my graduating year at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I struggled to learn the vast world of digital modeling, 3d printing, and stop motion animation... all of which i had virtually no experience with before this project. Luckily, some amazing talented artists supported me, such as Emily Schubert who fabricated my puppets costumes, Mary Paige Rodgers who composed my animations music, David Ruby who helped guide me through the foreign world of compositing, and Irina Wang, who graciousl hand lettered my credits and title. I can't thank these wonderful friends of mine enough.


If you enjoyed the animation, and are interested in the processes that brought me to this point, feel free to peruse the process video below and some of the pages from the commencement book i fabricated for my thesis showcase. Thank you, for being interested, and for embarking with me on such a vivid and crazy journey. 

May you encounter a skywhale in your skies too someday.


I know the text in these pages appears small... the spreads themselves are 20 inches across, so naturally the text is appropriately sized... But hey! I think you can get the gist of what's going on. :)